Lean Marketing is coming back soon with more voucher codes and deals

With voucher codes you often get lots of websites offering you awesome voucher codes that work all the time. Sadly we know that this is simply not the case. Many discount codes on the web fail to work when you're looking for that cheeky discount. This is why we wanted to show you Awesome Voucher Codes. as they have many retailers on their system and all feature discount codes that are checked on a daily basis. They also check all the other voucher code sites on the web to make sure you get a code even if they don't currently have one. Take a look and you'll probably save some money.

If it's a discount code you're after then we've got a site that can save you a good amount of money! This site is called Deal DB and it scans the web for all the hottest discount codes, vouchers and deals that you can use to save money when buying products and services online. They check all the codes for each retailer to make sure they're still working, and also update the list every morning so you are always getting the best deal. You can subscribe for the latest voucher codes from your favourite retailers too. Give it a try and let us know how much you saved.

Screwfix Discount Code

If you like Screwfix then you'll really like our Screwfix promo codes website! We also have a nice site for Wilko.

weight converter

We use this for our popular Kilos to stone converter.

easy vat calculator

Try this super easy VAT calculator to easily add and subtract VAT.

If you're live in Europe then try this euros to pounds calculator if you want to Convert Euros To Pounds. Really easy and gets the latest Euros and Pounds rates every morning.

There are also a number of other converters for converting cm to inches that you can find here and a feet to cm calculator that you can find on this page. We also have a km to miles tool and a kg to stones converter at kgtostones.co.uk.